Mirrored Blue


The saviour of my sanity

Walked into the room.

A beacon of light

To wash away the pain,

The view from above

Is coloured blue.


Cerulean visions

Of my life’s detail.


A touch of the brow

Soothes anguish within,

I look into eyes reflecting

A life I wish to

Leave behind me.

A voice inside cries.


Loud and unforgiving.


My protector relieves

The pressure of the noise.

Sands of my time

Dribble through holes

In my soul. I

Cannot resist the pull

Of that final breath.


Yet I must. I need to

Strive to survive.


Cherry pie sunrise

Stains the sky beyond,

Lending courage.

I see the path before me.

The choice of redemption

Flowers in front.


Hands reach out,

Guide me through.

Corruption of the night

Fades with the dawn,

My saviour smiles in

Recognition of the

Strength that fuels my fight.


Periwinkle shades shade

The shadows. Softer now,

I breathe, relax.


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